Bemis needs a new kiln—please donate!

While the existing kiln-power of the Bemis clay studio is completely adequate for our current needs, expanding the program is impossible without adding new devices.  A simple (though large) solution is constructing a hard-brick wood-fire/gas assist kiln next to the existing soft-brick outdoor kiln we currently use.  While that soft-brick kiln still works well (especially for being over 30 years old!) it does not have the ability to fire salt, soda, or wood-ash.

These three styles of firing turn the atmosphere inside the kiln into gaseous glass, thus glazing the clay pieces from the firing alone.  The results can be outrageously beautiful, due to the organic combinations of wind, fire, and atmospheric silica which envelopes each pot or sculpture.

At this time, no kilns like this exist anywhere in Colorado Springs.  The Fountain Valley School has a wood-fire kiln, but no gas-assist feature.  Colorado College used to have a soda kiln, but has since torn it down.  Building and maintaining a wood-fire gas assist model will allow Bemis to offer entirely new ceramics classes while providing our existing/returning students with new reasons to stick around.

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